About us

Pure and natural health support is what everyone on the planet deserves.
When your general health is strengthened, the benefits to your immune
system, virus fighting ability, and preventing bacteria or germs from
taking hold goes up dramatically.

New Zealand is renown for its native treasures like Propolis and Manuka
honey. Our own specialized research and development teams have taken
natural local ingredients such as these and produced a unique formula
that maximizes wellness support and convenience.

Now that secret to natural health & wellness can be shared with the
world! We always produce, manufacture, and ship our products right from New Zealand.

At ZEALANDA we believe natural products can’t be authentic without a true
connection to nature. That’s why our research and development team has a deep and hands-on relationship with New Zealand’s natural environment.
Our formulas capture and highlight the benefits nature has to offer, and
we operate with only the highest moral and business ethics.